Xeno Vehicles // USER


by Ʌire Ƿorte

Two Mini-Comics:
XV: Nature, Technology, and the Co-Production of Post-Anthropic Totalities

Conjectural Comics for a Post-Anthropocene
I. Organic Sapience
II. Planetary Reticulum
III. Techne
IV. Para Site
V. Exo- (Its Shadow Incubates Everything That Is)
VI. Machine Vision
+ a short essay speculating on the implications of a ‘post-anthropocene’


USER: single page frames of exogenous dialogue

/ Aberrant Minerals / Cryptic Energetics /
/Thermal Howls / Haunted Ecologies /
/Phenotypic Contingency / Irregular Chemistries /
/Transductive Resonance / Circuitous Decay /

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