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The Exemplar


by Ronan Nanning-Watson

“Such love is perhaps most noticeably pronounced in your audacity, the way in which you glaze over the commoner niceties in favour of getting to the heart of it, how you put ham on both sides of a piece of bread. Yet it is also your general care for the world that qualifies you, as if each thing were a small creature to be spoken to in hushed tones, no matter its origins or sins. These qualities ought to be a paradox, but in your case are two weights that balance each other. Perhaps they are evidence of a greater balance, one that compels me now, against the Law and the Inquisition, to ask you to uncover for yourself the flesh and bones of this world”

Juan Valverde de Amusco
& Andreas Vesalius

Hauntic Catallaxy


Published for KIOSK, LAABF 2016