Ancient Follicle Seeks Green Wish


Published to coincide with the Plintor Dax Lounge at VABF 2017, and Ancient Follicle Seeks Green Wish at the New Gallery, DDOOGG presents a 4-zine package, one by each of the following artists comprising the Vancouver collaborative project Puddle Popper:

Sonja Ratkay
Mel Thibodeau
Juli Majer
Sarah Davidson

“Fantasists are childish, childlike. They play games. They dance on the burning ground. […] Even when they are making entire universes, they are only playing”
(Ursula K. Le Guin, ‘Do It Yourself Cosmology’)

Through a series of aesthetic exercises, Puddle Popper moves towards desires, between description, invention and idealization, wiggling around truths. Flowers can hurt us. Appendages transform. Color is revised. New bodies are observed and created. Slipping through realities, an exploration and re-imagination of being(s) in different worlds.

Multi-Colored Staples


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