– established an ever growing online nexus for drawing, poetry, dream journals, painting, music, animation, design, sculpture, comics, illustration, video, and photography

– launched our first issue of DOG, a group effort comprising an anthology of illustrations, trading cards, mini zines, and more

– a show at Lucky’s Comics, Books and Gallery, Vancouver’s foremost oasis of small independent comics

– co-organized and participating in KIOSK, a two-day fair focused on independent publishing, musical performance, readings and discussions from Vancouver based artists, musicians, writers, poets, publishers and other cultural producers

– released DOG2 — a comics-focused anthology that features 1-6 page contributions from over 20 artists — at the Vancouver Art/Book Fair 2015. The book was displayed with an installation at the KIOSK venue, where DDOOGG figured as one of 5 independent art publishers alongside a heap of performances and readings scheduled over the weekend.

– we’re excited to announced we have secured a table at the 2016 LA Art Book Fair!!! See ya there! ✵✰✰✶☆☆⍣


we’re anticipating some exciting activity in the next few months… so, keep your ears in the mix and your snout to the breeze!

Thank You!
Friends, contributors, visitors, kindreds — we are ultra grateful you are here. Thanks for supporting us!

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